Company KRAL was set up in 1992 by Mr. Milan Kral, who is up till now the owner of the company. Due to the increasing demand for occupational, protective and safety footwear the company was transformed to Production Company in 1995. The production started in leased premises with 12 employees. During next 10 years the company developed rapidly and now it provides employment for around 150 people in its own premises.

500 000 pairs per year with more than 100 models are manufactured on our state-of-the-art automatic direct injection systems. 85% is exported and 15% is sold in Slovakia. The most part of production represents leather footwear, but company produces also whole-rubber and rubber-felt boots, as well as rubber soles.

Innovation of technologies and production methods request still grows, so we started to produce safety and occupational footwear with double dense polyurethane soles where the features such as oil resistance or antistatic properties are a common standard.

Another news are ESD footwear (resistant to electrostatic discharge) produced in both black and white colors or boots with materials resistant against chainsaw cuts.

The ambition to be closer to our customers and their requirements is jumping forward and this is the reason why we are still one of biggest producers of occupational and safety footwear with 100% Slovak capital.

We firmly believe in your interest in our high-quality and top-designed models and in our unique cooperation when you choose KRAL as your trustful partner.
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